Resources for Walkers

Great Strides Page Customization
Customize your Great Strides page with links, images, and the PPP video. It's easy and fun!

Sample Email Letter
Fund raising for your walk is most effective when you send a personal letter. Customize yours and your fund raising is only a few emails away.

Wrap-Around Ideas for Fund Raising
These are creative ideas for raising money for your walk fund. Bake sales,

Letter and 11x17 Posters
They look great in black and white or color! Fill in your Great Strides homepage information and hang them in offices, schools, or local businesses.

Photos of Peter 
Download and use them for your Great Strides page, emails, blog or Facebook posts, etc. Please let us know if you would like other kinds of photos!

Share these on your blog, Facebook posts, emails, etc. Please let us know if you would like other kinds of videos!

CF for Kids
An easy-to-understand set of cards for display or for explaining CF to kids.

Customizable Flyer
A flyer to give to friends and family to invite them to Great Strides.

Wear a Purple Ribbon
The cystic fibrosis awareness ribbon is purple. Make yourself a nifty purple ribbon and wear it. When people ask you what it's for, you can tell them about your walk!

Wear Purple for Peter
Upload a picture of yourself, your kid, or your dog :) wearing "Purple for Peter" on our Facebook page! We'll add them to the gallery of "Purple for Peter" photos! Make sure to mention where you're from. (Uploaded photos may be used on the Peter's Pavement Pounders website.)
Photo of purple fabric:


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