Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pirates and Summer Bucket List Update

Thought I'd revisit the bucket list today to make sure we are getting everything in. As you can see, we've made a good start, but Peter definitely is craving more because he told me he missed school! This week, we'll probably be going for the swimming because it is SOO hot lately. I just bought two bottles of sunblock, and I'm sure we'll use them up!

Meanwhile, we're staying cool inside eating mayonnaise sandwiches (well, Peter is) and watching Jake and the Never Land Pirates. Here's Peter's impromptu costume!

Summer Bucket List Update
1. Swim, swim, swim (and swim lessons)
2. Lots of play dates and park dates!
3. Hikes and nature walks
4. Tie dye t-shirts
5. Drive-in movie and/or kids movies
6. Day trips to places in Georgia we've never been (Chattanooga, Amacalola Falls, Kennesaw Nat'l Battlefield Park, Mall of Georgia, Cordele)
7. Cooking fun at home
8. Water balloon/squirt gun party
9. Clean out storage unit
10. Visit train museum
‎11. Go to lake
12. Camp out
13. Make fun snacks
14. Do science experiments
15. Visit friends we haven't seen in a while!

Other things I've done/will do this Summer
16. Make homemade pirate and cat costume
17. Babysit for friends
18. Organize files (in process!)
19. Keep up with couponing
20. Purge and organize home (in process!)
21. Model for 1940s vintage photo shoot
22. Keep busy with my photography business (in process!)
23. Go on dates with the hubby :)


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