Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Bucket List

We are so excited summer is finally here! Of course, we are looking forward to all the great activities we have planned. But summer is always better for Peter health-wise: less allergies, less exposure to sickness, more outdoor playtime, etc.

Right now, he's really having a hard time breathing through his nose and the swelling in the sinuses has cause a an inverted eardrum, so his ENT has put him on a daily dose of Flonase to help ease the pressure. He sounds like a mini-Darth Vader when he's really struggling. Poor little guy! I hope this summer, we'll get back to a healthier state for Peter.

I remember when Peter was younger, I really struggled with what kind of activities to expose him to, especially if there were going to be crowds, smokers, too much heat, etc. Now, I'm not so nervous. We just are smart about bringing a stroller in case Peter gets too tired. We also pack extra water, snacks, applesauce and enzymes, sunblock, and a hat. I also don't mind going up to smokers and asking them to smoke elsewhere. (They are usually very nice about it). I try to have as normal a life as possible with Peter, and my summer bucket list is one way I'm trying to do that. Here it is!

Summer Bucket List

1. Swim, swim, swim (and swim lessons)
2. Lots of play dates and park dates!
3. Hikes and nature walks*
4. Tie dye t-shirts
5. Drive-in movie and/or kids movies
6. Day trips to places in Georgia we've never been*
7. Cooking fun at home
8. Water balloon/squirt gun party
9. Clean out storage unit
10. Visit train museum
‎11. Go to lake
12. Camp out
13. Make fun snacks
14. Do science experiments
15. Visit friends we haven't seen in a while!

Today, we went to Amicalola Falls as a whole family since Jacob had the day off of work. (Two items on my summer bucket list!) We only hiked up to the bottom of the falls, but boy, it was a climb. Jacob was a trooper and pushed Peter in the stroller. Then, Peter got out and ran up and up, and then up and up the stairs to the top. I am so proud of him! Afterwards, he got an ice cream to replenish all the lost calories from the hike. Now that's the CF way!

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