Friday, September 23, 2011

Starting the IEP Process

Of course, I knew we would get here eventually, I just didn't anticipate it happening so soon. Most kids with CF get an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) or 504 plan (another type of special education plan) to accommodate for their health needs. Yet that often can be handled without a formal IEP or 504 in PreK. But Peter's psychological evaluation and his behavior in the classroom has convinced both his teachers, administrators, and myself, that he (and we!) really do need some specialized help so he can succeed. 

This week, I turned in the request for Peter to be evaluated for an IEP through our school district's special education department. After that came the small mountain of paperwork I had to fill out and gather to send back (see below). Oh, I never want to have to do that again.

I'm not the only one that feels this way. I talked to a friend recently whose son is in a special needs kindergarten. She said that the hardest part for her was filling out the paperwork and realizing that her child really did need to be in special education. Boy, I'm feeling that too. 

Of course, I don't how this process will turn out, and what accommodations Peter will need, but my hope is that he can remain at his current school. Now, we wait and wait some more. According to the letter I received with the paperwork, "It will be our goal to complete all testing and determine eligibility for special education services within 60-90 days from the date we receive a signed Consent for evaluation." Two to three months. Ughhh.

Meanwhile, we will work with Peter's teachers and the administrators at his school. (They really have been wonderful.) We'll read books about dealing with behavior disorders, and we'll see how Peter does in therapy. And we'll send speedy thoughts to the special ed department so we can continue on our IEP journey

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  1. Sorry about your newest diagnosis. I am a special ed teacher and have had all types of students over the years. Can I ask what behaviors he has that lead to such a diagnosis? Is he defiant? Hopes that he gets the help he needs!

    Aidan is 7 and sees a therapist weekly to deal with his anger towards CF. He hates it with a passion and acts out for all doctors and nurses. He is constantly sick and since the port was put in 8 months ago and frequent IVs, he's even angrier. It's exhausting. Our only grace is that he is great in school and charms everybody! Good luck...



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