Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wrap-Around Ideas for CF Fundraising

Additional fundraisers that contribute to your walk fund are called "wrap-arounds." This year, in addition to our online campaign, we will be doing some wrap-arounds. The key is to do something you like, something you are interested in and would have fun doing, even if you weren't raising funds for CF. I've been gathering ideas, and here are some of the ones I've found so far:

Restaurant Night -- Many of my fellow CF families have partnered with a local restaurant to do a CF benefit night. Usually, the restaurant donates a portion of the night's proceeds to your walk fund. I've heard that doing a Spirit Night at Chick-Fil-A is a good place to start.

Partner with Businesses -- Many businesses will help out with fundraising by doing matching donations, doing a CF day/night/event at their place, or selling pin-ups where people pay a $1 to write their name on a fundraising card and pin it up on the business wall or window. Posters, brochures, and pin-ups are available to order here:

Bake Sale -- Love to bake? This is a great way to raise funds at a school, business, or in front of the grocery store. My sister Charity did a Bake Sale last year for her branch of Peter's Pavement Pounders and it was a big success!

Craft/Jewelry Sale -- Some of you love to make crafts, hair accessories, jewelry, cards or other creative items, that's a great way to make some money for your walk fund. Sell them online, in front of a store, or to friends to benefit CF research.

Neighborhood Yard Sale -- Gather your friends and neighbors to sell your old stuff for CF. I've been watching Clean House lately, and I'm super pumped about getting rid of my old stuff!

Candy/Soda Sale -- How many times do people buy a Coke or Snickers from the vending machine at work or school? Why not sell them at your desk instead and use the proceeds to donate to your walk fund?

Coin Drive -- This can be done at stores, classrooms, businesses, or other place where people have out their wallets. Just make a jar and leave it out for people to drop in their donations. You can also have "jar wars" where one class or department competes against another.

CureFinders -- The CF Foundation's fundraising program for schools is called CureFinders. More ideas for fundraising at school is available here.

Genes for Genes -- On a certain day, coworkers or school can donate a specified amount to the CF Foundation (like $5) in exchange for wearing jeans/casual wear. This would also work for a hat day, sports team jersey day, or other apparel-themed day. Additional fundraising ideas from the CF Foundation are available here:

Brown Bag Day – Have coworkers bring a bag lunch instead of going out to eat. Then, they can donate what they would have spent at the restaurant to your walk fund.
Raffle -- Donors can give a specified donation for a chance to win a gift certificate or other prize.

One of my favorite bloggers is Lil' Chris' mom, who is an amazing fundraiser. Here's some of her advice:



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