Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Helping Out Mommy

I signed up for on online photography workshop called The Joy of Love.

The first assignment was to capture my loved one doing their work, "what they do." Peter's really getting good at helping out at home. Part of it is being able to earn good behavior stars and a little bit of commission each day. Here are a few things he does to help out:

  • Vacuum beside me with his little play popper.
  • Take out items from the refrigerator for every meal, especially applesauce for his medicine
  • Wash dishes -- though it's more like playing with his cars and trains in the soap suds.
  • Pour and stir Carnation Instant Breakfast into his whole milk. Peter loves his chocolate milk, and that's great, because it's a great high-calorie supplement to his diet.
  • Clean up his toys before bed each night.
  • Slice and cut (with mommy's help) food for our meals.
Here's today's cooking project: cucumbers for salad. I peeled and sliced the cucumbers. Then, Peter cut them up into smaller pieces with his plastic knife. I'm proud to say Peter ate the salad too! It's so awesome to see my little guy eating veggies (with a high-calorie dressing, of course).

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