Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Flu

I'm continuing my Joy of Love photography workshop with some photos I originally took just to document life at our home lately. Everyone has gotten sick. Jacob ended up in the ER on Sunday because we couldn't get his temperature down. The doctors decided to call it bronchitis and pumped him full of IV antibiotics and sent him home with several prescriptions. He spent most of Monday and Tuesday in bed. Fortunately, he felt good enough to go to work today.

Then, I started feeling stuffy (and it's gotten worse today).

Finally, late last night, Peter woke up came down with a fever and cough. These photos are from our late night sick session.

I'm getting pretty good at making judgement calls about when Peter should see a doctor and when we should wait. This time, I knew we should go in and have him checked out, especially since Jacob was so ill this weekend. (According to Peter, though, I was the one who was sick, not him. "I'm not sick," he said this morning. "I'm feeling better. We need to go to Mama's doctor.")

At the pediatrician's, the rapid flu test came back positive for influenza A. Grrrr! At least we know what's wrong now, but it's tough to be back on the "sick" boat. Since we all got the flu vaccine, I wondered why we got the flu (assuming that we all have the same thing and the ER people misdiagnosed Jacob). According to the CDC, the 2010-2011 flu vaccine protects against 2009 H1N1, and two other influenza viruses: an H3N2 virus and an influenza B virus. Yeah, no influenza A.

Fortunately, we caught Peter's symptoms early enough, and he is now on Tamiflu. Tamiflu inhibits the reproduction of the virus. That's why it's only effective if you take it within the first 48 hours of symptoms. If you wait until later, the virus has already spread throughout the body. Then, you have to let your body fight it for the duration of the illness -- like for 2 weeks. Uggh.

So, Peter might have been the last one sick, but he'll probably be the first one well! Maybe he can take care of me for a change!

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  1. So glad you caught it early! Can't argue with mommy's instincts. ;) Praying for Peter and the rest of the family to feel better ASAP.



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