Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, New Vest Settings

CF Clinic was yesterday and our respiratory therapist gave us a new "protocol" for Peter's Vest treatment. I programmed it in his machine this morning and we gave it a try. It's okay, longer than our previous treatments (he's now on the Vest 30 per treatment instead of 20) but less intense combination of pressure and frequency.

1st 10 minutes of Vest
Huff Cough

2nd 10 minutes of Vest
Huff Cough

3rd 10 minutes of Vest
Huff Cough

Huff coughs are long, drawn out "huff" breaths combined with deep coughing that attempt to clear and get out the mucus in the lungs. Yes, we are teaching our son to "hock and spit." But right now, Peter is just working on the huffing part and some coughing. He can sometimes get a little mucus up when he's sick and coughing from the cold, but it'll probably be a couple more years before he can really get up the junk.

Vest treatments are usually maintenance -- done twice a day, everyday, to help maintain lung health. But when Peter's sick, like in this photo from a couple weeks ago, Vest treatments are increased to help "mobilize secretions." (By the way, that's my friend's phrase, not mine, but I love it. Oh, yeah, and she's a doctor.)

Since Vest treatments take so long (plus the nebulizer treatment that goes with it and the one that goes after it), Peter gets to watch his favorite shows: Dora the Explorer and Go, Diego, Go! (We try to leave the TV off for most of the rest of the day.) Yay for Dora and Diego! And Peter's learning some Spanish too.

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