Saturday, January 22, 2011

CF Clinic January 2011 and Pseudo update

Our last CF clinic went well. We were lucky to have Jacob there -- it makes three hours in an exam room a lot easier. Here are some of my pics from the appointment.

Throat Culture
As in every clinic appointment, Peter had to have a throat culture to check if anything is growing in his mucus, especially Pseudomonas, since we have been battling that lately. He knew it was coming, so he was not going to open his mouth! It took a while, but the nurse got it, and guess what?! NO PSEUDO! The results came back last week and we are thrilled.

I always get the best pics when Peter's getting his vitals checked: height, weight, blood pressure and oxygen saturations. Peter's been sick a couple times since our last clinic. He hasn't gained weight, but he hasn't lost it, so things are okay for now.

Infection Control
Notice the yellow gown? These disposable coverings are to prevent the nurses and doctors from transmitting infections from one CF patient to another at clinic. That is also why Peter is wearing a mask outside the exam room. CF kids aren't allowed to come into contact -- they can make each other sicker!

I always bring a backpack full of toys for clinic because besides all the people we see, there's also a lot of waiting. When Daddy got out the puppet, he definitely had an enthusiastic audience.

I brought Peter's doctor kit. He had fun giving Daddy and me shots -- in the neck! Ugh!

Fun ends when blood draws approach. Fortunately, we only have to do this once a year.

Chest X-Rays 
Every 2 years, we have chest X-rays, the first time was when Peter was in the hospital for a "CF Tune Up" (pulmonary exacerbation/IV antibiotic prep) before his first sinus surgery. You can see how much he has grown in two years. Peter's pulmonologist said that his lung health is stable. We are so happy for that. We love healthy lungs!

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  1. Aww...his little sad face breaks my heart! Way to be a brave boy Peter.



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