Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall Update

If I haven't updated the blog, you know we are very busy at the Butler home -- school, work, church, and of course medicine and treatments take priority over this, but it's Saturday! I'm taking a little break from working to make sure I capture some of what's happened lately at our place.

Pseudomonas. First, Peter is still on TOBI (an inhaled antibiotic) for the Pseudomonas infection. We will know in a couple weeks if it worked or not. He tolerates the treatments fine as long as we get them done before he gets too distracted by toys and playing in the morning/evening. Peter's aunt sent him a bunch of Elmo and kids DVDs her kids are done with, so we have been enjoying some new movies during treatment time. His favorite is Elmo Visits the Doctor. Thanks Stacey!

Digestion issues. If you follow us on Facebook, you know that Peter has had some recent issues with his digestion. They seem to be resolved now, but it was pretty scary for a couple days when his BMs were as greasy and foamy as they were when he hadn't been taking any enzymes. Turns out that taking away one of his antacids wasn't a good idea. He's back on it now and is doing fine.

Growth and Weight. Peter has really grown a LOT this summer. He weighs 35 pounds and is 38.5 inches. The really awesome part of that is that his BMI is at the 70th percentile! He's getting a little tummy and some extra weight around the face. CFers with a bit more weight tend to do better lung-wise, so that's great. They were thrilled at CF clinic!

Running. Peter and I ran in the Big Pumpkin Run (a 5K) last week. It was a blast. Peter got out of his stroller and was my "pacer" for a chunk of the race. I was so proud that my little CFer was running with me! I first took up running so that Peter would grow up with the kind of physical exercise that would help his lungs. It seems to be working so far.

Preschool. Peter loves going to preschool. It's only one day a week, but I also take him to the gym play center when I run 2-3 times a week. I also trade off with another mom for home preschool/play dates. It's great that he gets lots of play/learning time with other kids, and I've really noticed how much he's matured with that experience and interaction.

Halloween. Since Halloween was on a Sunday this year, we decided it was probably best to keep it really low key. The week before, we dressed up and went to our church's Trunk-or-Treat. He decided on his own that he wanted to be a cow. I made the costume since he didn't like the store-bought one we got. A couple patches of felt and a tail on a black sweat suit made a costume under $3.00! (We already had the sweat shirt and pants.)

Church Nursery. Much to our relief, Peter has done fine in the regular church nursery (even though they aren't as strict about colds/disinfection as we would like them to be). So, we don't have to have a separate class for Peter at church, and he enjoys playing with the other children his age. He will go belong to his first Sunday School class after the new year. We're so excited for Peter to be a "Sunbeam" (the name of the class).

Dentist. Peter has an awesome dentist and hygienist who have worked with him for about a year. He has monthly fluoride varnish treatments because the medicine can cause more rapid tooth decay, and this week he was able to get a cleaning with little fuss. He liked it so much that I pretend to be the dentist and double check his brushing.

Energy. In general, things are good. Peter is a playful, happy boy. We spend a lot of time playing with friends, trains, and cars. He is getting to be helpful in the kitchen and spent a good hour or so with me yesterday cleaning and washing the car. His energy level is (and has always been) very high, so we sometimes are worn out by Peter before the day is through. Sometimes I'm very glad to strap him into his Vest so he'll calm down for a bit!

Control. Of course, control is a very important part of growing up, so sometimes Peter is tough to handle when we have to do something he doesn't like. Trips to the store have been difficult, and sometimes Peter yells at his toys because he can't get a train track to go together or a play food item won't fit in a pot. (Seriously, he lost it over that yesterday.)

Mommy and Daddy. Peter's dad and I are very busy with work and other responsibilities outside of home. I have had a photo shoot almost every weekend for the past month and a half which is very busy for me, and Jacob has been working on some videography, green screen filming, and animation for a local kids' football team. We are really glad to have time together at home and have left this weekend pretty open so we can be together.

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