Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sick Day and Thoughts on Antibiotics

I have lots to post about our fun end-of-the-summer activities, but today Peter woke up with a phlegmy cough and his nasal rinse was pretty, uh, productive. No wonder he is coughing so much. I'm hoping it's something that some extra Albuterol and Vest treatments will take care of.

I guess every mom goes through this -- not knowing whether or not their child's cold is really serious or not, but having to cancel school and activities for a day or so until they know whether the illness will get better. I tend to assume it's going to be okay, but jump on the treatments pretty fast so that it won't get any worse.

I take Peter to the doctor if the cold doesn't go away in a couple days, and most times, even if the doctor and I think that it's not serious, Peter will go on antibiotics anyway. We are the exception to the rule about not prescribing antibiotics for a routine cold. We can't risk Peter getting really ill; that could put Peter in the hospital.

However, we also know there is an increased risk of bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics in a population where those medications are over-prescribed. We just hope that the current practice of not prescribing to the general population will continue. It's the exceptions-to-the-rule cases like us that greatly benefit from not having more antibiotic-resistant infections around. So, the next time you go to the doctor and they don't prescribe an antibiotic for a cold, you can remember how that practice is helping Peter live a more healthy life! Thank you!

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