Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sprayground and Playground

Every weekend, Jacob and I try to give each other a few hours off, a break from Peter and CF care. This morning, I had a shoot for my photography business, so Jacob took care of Peter all morning. Then, the afternoon was mine while Jacob had a break. Here's what Peter and I did:

After a few runs through the water, Peter decided he'd rather play on the nearby playground.

He liked the bridge between the slides the best. He didn't want to go down the slides though.

Okay, back to the sprayground.

Making "paw prints" with the water.

Peter didn't want to wear his admission wristband (only a $1.00!), so I tied it on a loop in his swimsuit. 

Oh, and just a note, I used my simple (and a few years old) point-and-shoot camera to take these photos. Woohoo! It's nice not to have to lug around the big camera! Post processing done in Photoshop.

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