Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Day of Preschool

Peter’s first day of preschool was great. Our morning started out with medicine and treatments (including the Vest while Peter watched some of Cars). It was raining hard in the morning, so we took our “I’m going to preschool” picture inside. And off we went!

Checking in to preschool was a little tricky since his regular teacher--with whom I’d already talked about Peter’s CF accommodations--was gone for Jury Duty. I demonstrated enzyme administration with the substitute. The director also came down to the classroom and had me sign a form so Peter’s enzymes could be administered by the teacher. (In addition to this, I’d had a doctor’s letter about Peter’s enzymes faxed to them a week or so earlier.) Finally, they secured the enzymes in a lockbox so no other children would accidentally take them. I had left a copy of the letter of CF care instructions I'd written at home. So, after Peter was busy playing with the other kids, I ran home to get it. Forty-five minutes after we arrived at preschool, Peter was finally checked in!

When I came and picked Peter up, his teacher said, "He was a pro!" And it seems like everything went pretty well enzyme-wise too! Preschool is only be one-day-a-week this year, but we are also doing a home preschool with another little friend another day during the week. The school year has begun!

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