Sunday, July 4, 2010

Little Artist

Peter is absolutely fascinated with drawing. He'll grab your notebook, a bunch of paper from the printer, construction paper from the craft drawer, or his cheeks (yes--he was practicing drawing Xs on them on Friday) and he'll draw and draw and draw. I've been thrilled that the artist gene has passed on. My dad is a graphic design professor who is also well-known for his fine art silk screen prints, and my nickname was "Artist" when I was little. 

Peter's watches Blue's Clues like a student learning in an art class. It is so cute to see him with his own "handy-dandy notebook" drawing along with Steve. He even does it while doing his Vest treatments, holding his nebulizer mask in one hand, and drawing with a crayon in the other!

 Here are some of Peter's best drawings (though I admit, many of his other ones just look like circles and scribbles.) Is this advanced for a 3-year-old? He seems to have learned how to draw very fast. It's only been a few weeks since he started in earnest!

His first drawing of our family.

Train tracks.

A train.

A smiley -- "with a hat." (He always draws hats on his smileys. Don't know why, but it's cute.)

A whale.

Slippery Soap from Blue's Clues. Notice all the soap bubbles?

I think that's pretty good! Here's Slippery from the show page:

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  1. Hurray for small children and drawing. Remember that toothpaste gets crayons off of the wall!



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