Thursday, June 24, 2010

Peter's Pavement Pounders National Team 2010

Wooo! Sunday June 15th marked the last day of Great Strides walks for our national team. Here's a huge shout out to all the walkers! To date, we have raised $3,594 in our first year as a national team. That's awesome! We exceeded our national goal by over a $1,000 (!) and made a good solid contribution to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation this year. And by the way, yes, you can still donate.

Here's a recap of each team's walk:

Williamsburg VA Team
This was our first team to walk. Even though it threatened to rain, the Williamsburg walk went ahead. We are so grateful to Kari and Nat and their family, who decided to walk even though they only found out about Great Strides in their city a week before the event.

Portland OR Team
Tom, our Portland team leader and Peter's uncle, said that he was amazed at the number of people there for the walk at Oaks Amusement Park. Early sign-ups even got a ticket to the amusement park. Here's Tom and his fiancé Jess, who also walked for Peter. That's an awesome way to tell your in-laws-to-be that you're excited to be part of the family!

Atlanta GA Team
Our "home team," Peter's Pavement Pounders in Atlanta joined the 2nd largest Great Strides event in the country. Because we don't have any family in the area, we weren't sure how many people would join us, but we had a good team of friends and neighbors walking with us! You can see more pictures from our Atlanta walk on this blog post.

Purple for Peter
We asked those not able to participate in our walk to show support by "wearing Purple for Peter." We even had some amazing friends (and friends of friends) participate from Hungary. We posted these pictures on our Facebook page: Wear Purple for Peter Facebook album.

Note: You can still upload a photo of you, your kids, your pet, etc. wearing purple for Peter on our Facebook page!

Ogden UT Team
Our Ogden team was headed by Stacey, who plastered the town with posters for the walk and had her whole family help in fund raising. On walk day, rain, snow, sleet, and windy weather didn't stop our Odgen team. I love the purple ribbons and the posters of Peter. Thanks to Spring Creek Dental which contibuted matching donations!

Sioux Falls SD Team
From a bake sale to the the cutest door-to-door fund raising you could ask for, the Sioux Falls team made a great contribution to our national goal. At the walk, they sported handmade "P3" T-shirts and proudly represented Peter's cause. You can read more about their walk on their team leader's blog post

Arlington/Ft. Worth TX Team
Cassi, the team leader, said the Arlington/Ft. Worth walk was so fun. Lots of free food, great weather, and a scenic route that went from Six Flags to the Ranger stadium and some of the other famous Texas venues. Since they raised over $400, they got 2 free tickets to Six Flags (hey, why don't we do that in Georgia?). They had a great time, and look at those fun lanyards!

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