Thursday, June 10, 2010

Digestion update

The gastroenterologist has upped Peter's prescription to 5 pills per meal and 4 pills per snack, so that's 20-25 pills EVERYDAY. Thank goodness we have prescription insurance. If we were paying retail for Peter's enzymes--about $1.00/pill--it would be like going out for steak everyday. Our budget definitely wouldn't be able to handle that! For now, we are sticking with Creon, the enzyme he has been on since diagnosis. I'm glad because Creon is made right here in Georgia, and it's nice to support the local economy.

So anyway, a lot of pills. Peter's dad also got him other kinds of fruit sauces for Peter to take them in, so that seems to have helped a great deal. Peter is sick of applesauce. We're really going to have to start working on learning how to swallow pills.

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