Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Conner and Simple Acts of Service

Those of us in the CF blogging world have watched and read with a broken heart as Conner and his family have struggled with CF and prune belly syndrome--and its devastating effects on this 7-year-old's life. Despite treatments and medication that have given other kids like Peter hope for a future, this boy will not live to see a cure. So now mom and dad are planning for the most horrible thing a parent can go through: the death of their child.

Some of the most poignant words I've ever read are from his mom Sarah's blog. Today Sarah wrote about the completed arrangements for Conner's funeral:

"It’s been finished. Brad and I met with the funeral director last night to get the arrangements made for Conner’s future services. We were treated with great respect and compassion and I felt as if God was sitting in the empty seat that was at our planning table. Because I was so calm. So peaceful. So determined. . . ."

"Brad and I will be laid to rest in Connerman's same plot when our time comes. We’ve already made our arrangements as well . . . and our Conner boy will not be all alone…his mommy and daddy will be right there as well…it will be perfect."

What really got me was this: 

"The county coroner called me as well and gave me his personal number so that when Conner passes, we don’t have to call 911 and have firetrucks and police and ambulances arrive and cause us more stress…he will take care of it all for us."

I am immensely touched by that goodness. A simple gesture.  A phone number. But it was something that coroner could do to help out in a small way.

I don't know what the future will hold for us. I don't know how long Peter will have on this earth, but I know people have been touched by our family's struggle and have made simple acts of service to help us. Please know that these are so valued, and so needed. Here's just a small list of things people have done for us that have meant so much.

  • Babysat Peter so my husband and I can go to the gym or out on a date
  • Learned how to do Peter's treatments so they could watch Peter during treatment time
  • Brought over a little friend for Peter to play with
  • Invited us over for a playdate or for dinner
  • Donated to Peter's Pavement Pounders' walk fund
  • Walked in Great Strides
  • Educated themselves about CF
  • Spread the word about CF and Peter on their blog/Facebook
  • Brought us a meal
  • Sent an encouraging note or email
  • Commented on this blog
  • Visited us in our little "isolation" nursery at church
  • Invited us to go on an outing
  • Given us prescription coupons 
  • Asked about Peter 
  • Asked how our whole family was doing
  • Babysat Peter (okay, I know I listed this twice, but it's way nice!)

People can be incredibly giving and kind. Thank you.

Read my favorite post from Conner's mom, Sarah: No Time Like the Present

Update: Sweet Conner passed away on June 24, 2010. Breathe easy Conner. There is no CF where you are now.

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