Monday, May 17, 2010

We Went. We Walked. We LOVED It!

Great Strides on Saturday was AWESOME! Here's one photo for now. I have a lot more, but have to finish editing them and getting them uploaded. We had a great group of people that came and supported us, and I think of all the people that donated as "walking with us" too.

Our fund-raising efforts raised $1,860 + $35 cash/check donations. That means we are only $105 away from hitting our Atlanta team goal of $2000. If you haven't donated yet, it's not too late! Click on the donate link and help us hit our goal before the end of the month.

And look at our national team fund raising goal . . . woohooo! We're going to get that for sure. Maybe we should raise our goal!

Our next team to walk is the Ogden UT team this Saturday on May 22nd!

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