Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sometimes change is hard

I ordered Peter a new vest from Hill-Rom since Peter's old one was getting pretty frayed. The nice thing about Peter's Vest machine is that the hoses and vest attachments are replaced as Peter grows out of them at no extra charge. They have a new model of vest out: washable outer cover (in blue, pink, and black) with a snap-in inner bladder that does the vibrating, not to mention hose attachments that actually rotate. Yay! I am so tired of the old style which Peter often unhooked or wiggled out of during his treatments.

Well here was Peter's reaction this week when our shipment arrived.

What's this?

No! I want my vest. I not like the blue vest! 

It the baby's vest. It not my vest!

I want to do my vest. My black vest. That's good.

Peter wouldn't wear the new vest for a couple days. Fortunately, Daddy persuaded Peter to try on the new vest by convincing him that it was like Thomas the Tank Engine's colors. Now we are going well with the new vest. (Gotta get some pictures of that soon.)

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