Friday, May 7, 2010

Pound out CF with Peter's Pavement Pounders

It is time for Great Strides walks all across the country. The Atlanta and Portland walks are next Saturday and after them will be walks in Ogden, Sioux Falls, and Texas. We are so excited for the support our national team has already received, and are looking forward to this month of walks!

We hope you enjoy the video--true to the life we now lead--full of medication, treatments, and doctor's appointments, but also filled with the joy and love we have for Peter. (You might also spot the little girl I babysat, Peter's "borrowed litttle sister.") Our greatest wish is that a cure will be found (or at least something close to a cure) within Peter's lifetime, and hopefully before irreversible damage has been done to his lungs. There are drugs in development right now that are attempting to treat the root cause of CF. That's totally mind-boggling to me, but incredibly awe-inspiring.

Please think of Peter's life, and all the other lives you are affecting (more than 600,000 worldwide) when you donate to CF research. Then, in the future, when new treatments and medication extend their lives even further, you know that will be because you donated. Thank you so much!

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