Monday, April 12, 2010

Sinus Rinse

As part of Peter's daily treatment routine, we use the NeilMed Sinus Rinse bottle to clean out his nasal cavities with saline solution everyday -- usually morning and evening, though sometimes more frequently if he is congested. It's not pleasant, and Peter doesn't really like it, but it is necessary. Peter makes a lot of yucky mucus especially in his sinuses, so daily sinus rinses help keep the mucus from building up.

When Peter was diagnosed at a year and half old, his sinuses were nearly totally blocked. He had two sinus surgeries to carve out some room to breathe. Here is an image of Peter's CT scan before his surgeries.

You can see what a normal CT scan should look like here:  

After surgery, Peter could breathe through his nose! Another thing I noticed was sneezing -- he never really sneezed before because he was so blocked up. Now, it's a different story. He breathes a lot more regularly, although sinus congestion is always the first thing we notice when a cold is coming on. We are headed to the ENT this week for a follow-up to last year's surgery. Here's hoping all goes well and our diligence with the sinus rinses has kept him clear.

At home after his first hospitalization and sinus surgery

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