Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Some Thoughts on Health Care and Bills

With the passage of the new health care law, there's been a lot of debate over whether this is a good thing for our country. But for people with CF, the new health care law provides a lot of help:

  • Pre-existing conditions like CF can't disqualify you for insurance. Wahooo!
  • Annual and lifetime spending caps are no longer allowed--an important issue when your entire life involves medical care, hospitalizations, and perhaps lung transplantation.
  • Medicaid will be available to more people. If I remember correctly, about a third of the  CF community here in Atlanta is on Medicaid, which means that there already is a huge need in the CF population for assistance.
  • Children can stay on their parents' insurance up until age 26. This one makes me so happy. With Peter's CF, he may not be able to go to college full-time, and this gives him time to go to school, serve a mission, or travel before settling down and getting a full-time job with (absolutely necessary) health benefits.
More about this at:

Of course, what Peter decides to do with his life and how to pay for his medical needs will ultimately be his responsibility, but right now, it is ours. So we're trying our best to make smart decisions about our money, bills, and keeping our costs down, including tracking all of our medical bills and receipts so we can get them reimbursed through our Flexible Spending Account (FSA).

The other day, while I was working on submitting FSA claims, I heard a ripping sound. I turned around and there was Peter with a Children's hospital bill that he had taken a bite out of! You can even see his teeth marks in the picture. I'm glad I got it away from him before he got any farther! After all, I'm not sure the hospital would believe me if I told them I couldn't pay my bill because my toddler ate it!

FYI: Peter was just as content to cut paper as to eat it, so I got him some supplies and he filled the floor with scraps while I worked. 

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  1. He's really a beautiful child, Marchet. Good photos, too!



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