Sunday, March 28, 2010

Remembering Eva, Katie

When you look at a healthy CF child like Peter, it's hard to believe that he has such a serious disease. But it is serious, and there's real life-and-death consequences to the treatments, medication, research, and progress that has to be made.

Tonight I read that Eva Markvoort, a 25-year-old college student and subject of the documentary 65_RedRoses, passed away on Thursday. A simple entry in Eva's blog reads: "Our beautiful girl died this morning at 9:30. She is at peace." Although I have not seen the film, I have been deeply touched by Eva's blog and her bravery facing the worst of cystic fibrosis.

With Eva's death, I can't help remembering another who died of CF, my cousin Katie. Katie was an artist and a mom, enthusiastic about life and fighting CF. I was pregnant with Peter when Katie died. She was 29.

So tonight I'm sending out a little prayer of comfort for Eva's family. I'm also remembering my funny, sweet cousin, and feeling a little more urgent about finding a cure. At Great Strides last year, one of the team's t-shirts said, "He who goes before you will himself fight for you." Here's hoping the fight ends soon.

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