Monday, March 22, 2010

First Vest Treatment vs. Current Vest Treatment

One of the most important treatments Peter does everyday is his "Vest," a machine that pumps air into a life-jacket-like vest and pounds the chest to loosen mucus in his lungs. Peter is prescribed a 20-minute treatment in the morning and at night along with nebulized medication he breathes while doing the Vest. Here's our little guy doing his treatment only a couple days ago. He is awesome at it!

The first time, though? Not such a happy camper. At CF clinic, Peter's first experience with the Vest was a bit traumatic. Poor guy! One of the hardest parts about being a CF parent is having to subject your child to scary and often uncomfortable medical treatments. But the alternative--allowing Peter's lungs to get junky and infected--is worse. So we do what we can to prevent that, even though it may make us (or him) upset.
At our first clinic appointment after Peter was diagnosed, our respiratory therapist fit Peter with the Vest and showed us a sample treatment. Peter was not happy about it!

"Snugs" from Daddy really helped.

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