Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Extra Calories

People with cystic fibrosis need extra calories, LOTS of extra calories! We always have a lot of butter, high calorie nutrition drinks, and other high-fat items in our house. I made Peter a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (which I usually butter heavily before putting on the spreads), but this afternoon Peter decided he needed more! So, here's his creation: PB&J . . . &B (peanut butter and jelly and butter)!

Why do people with CF need more calories? Even with medication, a CFer can't absorb food as efficiently as a person without CF. So, extra calories are needed to get a regular amount of calories into the body. Also, CFers are burning more calories just with normal body functions like breathing. Peter, like others with CF, has a hard time gaining weight, so we are trying our best to get his BMI to the 50th percentile or higher.  Better BMI (even a little too heavy) makes for bigger lungs and better lung health. So, on with the butter! Let's grow those lungs!

You can view a video webcast on the subject here: Using Nutrition to Stay Healthy with CF

 (You may need to view this in Internet Explorer. I couldn't get it to work in Firefox.)

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